My Bio

I am a stay at home mother of a toddler, so she pretty much keeps me on my toes. I absolutely love to read, cook and be creative. I love spending time with my family and traveling. My favorite books are YA Fiction, fantasy, historical romance and paranormal.

I developed a love of reading at a very young age by reading Dr. Seuss, Amelia Bedelia and Shel Silverstein books that my grandma would read to me. Later in life it was books like The Chronicles of Narnia, To Kill a Mockingbird and The Great Gatsby. I stopped reading for a while to get caught up with life outside of reading. When I started reading again I started to read romance novels and the Twilight Saga. I love mostly YA novels now, as I can relate to those better and just get lost in each book I read.

I have a Twitter account where I post some of my reviews and I am also on Goodreads where I post my reviews on books.

I am also a associate at Amazon, The Book Depository and Kobo. Any purchases made from the links on my page or in my posts goes to help support the site and helps towards giveaways.

I am also available for blog tours for books. Please email at the below address.

You can email me at
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