December 13, 2011

Great Gift Ideas

Since not very many of you really know me, I can tell you one place that I love to shop and I frequent quite a bit is Etsy. I just love all the homemade crafts and gifts they make there and thought this would be a great place to start my Christmas shopping this year. If you have never been to visit Etsy, you really should. Here is what I found that would make great gifts for the book lovers (and even non book lovers) in your family or even your friends.

This great looking necklace is only approx $29 US

$29 US

For the Clockwork Prince fans
$91 US

$45 US

$18 US

$10.50 US

$21.95 US

$59.00 US


Anonymous said...

These are sooo beautiful! I love the Steampunk flare that they have. (Well, most of them)

Thanks for sharing!


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