October 5, 2012

A Little Help....

Hello all my wonderful followers and friends. I wanted to take this time to thank everyone for continuing to follow me here while I was on the long hiatus from blogging, the slowly coming back into it and everything in between. To show my appreciation, I'm going to host a special giveaway, have more reviews, what I call "book relay" and a few personal posts as well. But I need your help to do this.

In order for me to host this we need to reach 400 followers. I know we can do it if we all stick together. So this is what we need to do. We need to spread the word, tell your friends about Jump Into Books.

It's also coming up to my 1 year blog birthday! I will be hosting another giveaway for that as well. If we can reach the 400 followers by the end of the month when my blog turns 1 then I will add to the giveaway. If we reach it after my blogs birthday, I will host a separate giveaway. Sound good?

Also, I'm going away for the weekend and possibly the week, so I won't be updating for a little while, but when I come back, hopefully I will have some pics of my weekend with my little one and some book reviews to post.

Have a great weekend everyone! Stay safe!


Alyn said...

New follower of your blog here. I wish you luck with your goal of 400 followers. Also, have a great weekend! I have kids of my own so I know how hectic life can get. I'm looking forward to any review you have when you get back.

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