October 11, 2012

What Are You Reading?

What Are You Reading Thursdays is feature I started to discuss what we are reading that week. Each week we will feature the book we are reading and talk about it, tell what we like about it, what we don’t like about it and discuss what it’s about. Feel free to follow along with us and share in the comments what you are reading this week or post on your blog as well.

This week my book is:  
The Encyclopedia of Me by Karen Rivers

What I Like:
So far all I have read is the blurb on the back of the book and it sounds like it would be a pretty good read. Can't wait to start it.

What I Don't Like:
Right now, nothing. I haven't started it yet.

The Cover:
To be honest, covers are what draws me into a book. This cover just struck me as it would be a cute read. I could use something cute and light right now.

The Blurb:
A is for "Tink Aaron-Martin," "Aardvark," and "Amazing" in this wonderful alphabetical novel!

Tink Aaron-Martin has been grounded AGAIN after an adventure with her best friend Freddie Blue Anderson. To make the time pass, she decides to write an encyclopedia of her life from "Aa" (a kind of lava--okay, she cribbed that from the real encyclopedia) to "Zoo" (she's never been to one, but her brothers belong there).

As the alphabet unfolds, so does the story of Tink's summer: more adventures with Freddie Blue (and more experiences in being grounded); how her family was featured in a magazine about "Living with Autism," thanks to her older brother Seb--and what happened after Seb fell apart; her growing friendship, and maybe more, with Kai, a skateboarder who made her swoon (sort of). And her own sense that maybe she belongs not under "H" for "Hideous," or "I" for "Invisible," but "O" for "Okay."


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