February 13, 2014

[Blog Tour] Under Zenith by Shannen Crane Camp

Welcome to my stop on the Under Zenith Blog Tour hosted by Merp Squad. Today I have a guest post for you by Shannen Crane Camp, plus we have a giveaway!


Release Date: February 11, 2014
Publisher: CHBB
It was the most important day of her life, and for 21-year-old Isla Edison, graduating from college with a useless degree in vocal performance was all part of her master plan. Dying in a car accident only hours later wasn't part of that plan. Yet there she was, standing over her own lifeless body and panicking about ruining the truck her parents had bought as a graduation present. Talk about a bad way to repay them.

If coming to terms with the hereafter wasn’t enough to deal with, Isla suddenly finds herself stuck with Hayden, a gorgeous Brit with a bad attitude and a penchant for throwing her off cliffs to keep her in line. Worst of all, Hayden is her Guide, and until she completes six impossible and totally random tasks to reach her mysterious Destination, she's stuck with him. Isla's major problem, though, is that she doesn't know what reaching her Destination actually entails, and soon the mystery surrounding her new afterlife seems more ominous than any purgatory she could possibly imagine. Now Isla must decide if she'll trust her dark and brooding Guide despite his "bad boy" act, or if she'll risk failing her tasks and facing the unknown alone.

Guest Post

Casting, if this became a movie or TV show
Honestly, I could probably write a whole separate book on the topic of casting this nonexistent “Under Zenith” movie. Mostly because of the fact that out of any book I’ve ever written, this is the only one where I came up with the characters before the actual story. I had the idea of this stubborn, hard-headed Southern girl for Isla, and a slightly unbalanced, rude British guy for Hayden. The only thing I needed was a way to force them to be together under weird circumstances where Hayden could be his crazy self without actually being seen as crazy. So I knew it had to take place in a paranormal type of setting. What better place than the afterlife? If Hayden acted the way he did in normal life he’d be branded a sociopath and I didn’t want that!

Isla was easy to cast from the very beginning. Southern girl with white blonde hair who likes to sing? Yeah. Clare Bowen hands down. Granted if they ever did make “Under Zenith” into a movie she’d probably wonder why in the world she was basically playing her character on Nashville, but we’ll ignore that little fact. And the fact that she’s actually from New Zealand. She just does such a great Southern accent!

Hayden started off easy to cast… until I started watching a show with a character who looked and acted EXACTLY like Hayden. I mean, it was a little scary to start this show after I’d already written “Under Zenith” and see my exact character on the screen. I thought I was have a Twilight Zone moment. So originally, I always pictured Hayden as Colin O’Donoghue. Again, he’d pretty much be playing his character from Once Upon A Time. It’s not my fault the characters fit so perfectly! For the most part, I do still see Colin as my Hayden, but like I said, this dang TV show I just started watching had a character that embodied Hayden so well! So now, all of a sudden, I started visualizing Ian Somerhalder as Hayden. I mean, he’s got the brood, he looks JUST like him, and his character on Vampire Diaries acts so much like Hayden that it’s a little scary. Now what’s happened is when Hayden is being a normal human being in the book, I think of Colin, and when he’s gone a bit off the deep end and starts acting crazy, I picture Ian. It’s kind of a problem. They’re fighting in my head over who gets to be Hayden :)

So there you go. Casting Isla was easy, and casting Hayden turned out to be a bit difficult. Good thing there’s really only two main characters in this book huh?

About the Author

Shannen Crane Camp was born and raised in Southern California, where she developed a love of reading, writing, and anything having to do with film. After high school, she moved to Utah to attend Brigham Young University, where she received a degree in Media Arts and found herself a husband in fellow California native Josh Camp. The two now live in either California or Utah... they still can't decide.

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