October 22, 2014

[Poll] Starting a new Random Acts of Kindness


So a blogger friend and I were thinking about new ways we could get people more involved with blogs again. We wanted to start up something fun, that everyone can benefit from. We remember that once upon a time, a couple of bloggers over at Book Soulmates had this really awesome idea and started something fun, it was the RAK (aka Random Acts of Kindness).

Some of you may not remember what that was. Some of you are quite familiar with it. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, it was pretty simple. Each month you would fill out this form on their site. You would enter in your name and twitter handle, email address, what country you live in, blog link (if you had one), favorite genres, your top 5 wishlist books, a link to your wishlist (be it Goodreads, Amazon, etc), and if you accepted ebooks. Then all your information would be sent to a spreadsheet and other participants (or even non participates) could view it, decide if they would want to send you something, email you for your mailing address and either let you know what they were sending you or keep it a surprise. The books you would send (receive) could either be brand new and purchased just for the receiver or something that looks new that you have on your shelf.

Simple as that.

At the end of the month, whoever received a RAK would do a RAK Wrap-Up post on their blog, and if they didn't have a blog, either on Twitter, Facebook or even now, Instagram, or whatever other social outlet you prefer. You take a picture of what you got and thank the person for your wonderful gifts. No obligation to send them anything in return. Then the following month, it would start all over again.

So, what does everyone think? Would you be willing to give this another try? Maybe there is a way to spice things up a bit, make it more interesting? Leave me a comment below and vote in the poll.

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Kelly said...

I would love to participate if it gets started again!

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