February 3, 2015

4 Star Review: The Soup Club Cookbook by Courtney Allison, Tina Carr, Caroline Laskow & Julie Peacock

Title: The Soup Club Cookbook
Authors: Courtney Allison, Tina Carr, Caroline Laskow & Julie Peacock
Publisher: Clarkson Potter
Genre: Cooking, How-To
Release Date: January 13th 2015
Source: Blogging for Books
Purchase: Amazon

The Soup Club began when four friends (who, between them, have four husbands and ten hungry kids and several jobs) realized that they didn’t actually have to cook at home every night to take pleasure in a home-cooked meal. They simply had to join forces and share meals, even if they weren’t actually eating them together. Caroline, Courtney, Julie, and Tina happen to be neighbors, but a soup club is for anyone: colleagues, a group of workout buddies, a book club. All you need are a few people who simply want to have more home-cooked food in their lives.

In a soup club each person takes a turn making soup—and sometimes other dishes for sides or for when everyone needs a break from soup, so if a club has four people, in a month each person will have dinner delivered three times—a dish that can start as a full meal and stretch into more dinners or lunches or even morph into a sauce. Soup is forgiving, versatile, and perfect for sharing; it can be spiced to taste, topped elaborately or not at all, and dressed up or down. It travels well and reheats beautifully. The Soup Club Cookbook also has dozens of tips for cooking in quantity and for tailoring soup to individual tastes and needs. Here, too, are simple guidelines for starting your own soup club, anecdotes, and a few cautionary tales that will inspire anyone to share food and eat well.

The Soup Club Cookbook is an ingenious way to share the love of cooking with friends and family. And while this is a thoughtful way of making foods and sharing them with the ones you care about, I had found that the recipes are not quite for me. However, this is a great idea for a club.

This book is wonderfully illustrated with great photos of soups and other foods and it offers great step-by-step instructions on how to successfully cook them. Which is a great basis for any great cookbook. This one also offers a playlist of music to listen to while in the kitchen. 

And while this cookbook may not be for me, I do recommend this for people who are daring and don't mind trying new and bold flavor options. 

Disclaimer: *I received a copy of this book for free to review, this in no way influenced my review, all opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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