January 6, 2016

5 Star Review: Survival Colony 9 by Joshua David Bellin #4Star #bookreview @TheYAGuy #giveaway

Title: Survival Colony Nine
Author: Joshua David Bellin
Publisher: McElderry Books
Genre: Young Adult, Dystopia
Release Date: September 23rd 2014
Purchase: Amazon

In a future world of dust and ruin, fourteen-year-old Querry Genn struggles to recover the lost memory that might save the human race.

Querry is a member of Survival Colony Nine, one of the small, roving groups of people who outlived the wars and environmental catastrophes that destroyed the old world. The commander of Survival Colony Nine is his father, Laman Genn, who runs the camp with an iron will. He has to--because heat, dust, and starvation aren't the only threats in this ruined world.

There are also the Skaldi.

Monsters with the ability to infect and mimic human hosts, the Skaldi appeared on the planet shortly after the wars of destruction. No one knows where they came from or what they are. But if they're not stopped, it might mean the end of humanity.

Six months ago, Querry had an encounter with the Skaldi--and now he can't remember anything that happened before then. If he can recall his past, he might be able to find the key to defeat the Skaldi.

If he can't, he's their next victim.

Wow, talk about an amazing book. It's the ultimate survival against a new paranormal unworldly enemy. Never before have I read about an enemy like these. The writer definitely had no problem writing and developing these ghastly creatures so the reader could envision them. 

This story revolves around Querry Genn. Querry is a fourteen year old boy trampling around with one of the last, if not the last, survival colonies the world has. His father is the leader of this colony. The survivors all range in age from the very old (who remember the times before) to the very young who are about 4 years old. But Querry isn't like the rest of the survivors in his colony. He lost his memory of himself six months prior. He doesn't remember who he is or what had happened to him to make him lose his memory. All the training techniques to help him regain his memory are failing. As he tries to remember who he is, he feels a little bit of an outsider of sorts. Always being tormented by Yov, an older boy of seventeen, who is always calling him "Space Boy". 

But things aren't always as they seem. And even though I had a pretty good assumption as to what was going on and who Querry really was, I really wasn't prepared for the twist in the ending that threw all my assumptions straight out of the window. Who doesn't love a book with a good twist at the end?

I highly recommend this book to everyone!

Joshua David Bellin has been writing books since the age of eight (though his first few were admittedly very, very short), and Survival Colony 9 is his first novel. When he’s not writing, he spends his time drawing, catching amphibians, and watching monster movies with his kids. A Pittsburgh native, Josh has taught college English, published three nonfiction books (one about monsters!), and taken part in the movement to protect the environment.

Find Joshua: Website | BlogTwitter | Facebook | Goodreads

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bookbunny68 said...

Having my family near me. I think if they were gone and the world was ending I would give up. With them I would fight until I couldn't anymore.

Michelle Willms said...

While I know I absolutely need water for my survival, I would WANT my dogs along for my personal well-being.

Alisha S. said...

I would want and need a couple pairs of glasses because otherwise I wouldn't be able to see a thing and probably wouldn't last long.

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