January 16, 2016

Cookbook Review: The Chili Cookbook by Robb Walsh #5Star @robbwalsh #cooking #bookreview

Title: The Chili Cookbook
Author: Robb Walsh
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Genre: Cooking, How-To
Release Date: September 29th 2015
Source: Blogging for Books
Purchase: Amazon

A cookbook devoted to the family friendly, tailgate party classic–featuring more than 60 tried-and-true recipes–from veteran cookbook author and Americana expert Robb Walsh.

Americans love chili. Whether served as a hearty family dinner, at a potluck with friends, or as the main dish at a football-watching party, chili is a crowd-pleaser. It’s slathered over tamales in San Antonio, hot dogs in Detroit, and hamburgers in Los Angeles. It’s ladled over spaghetti in Cincinnati, hash browns in St. Louis, and Fritos corn chips in Santa Fe.

In The Chili Cookbook, award-winning author Robb Walsh digs deep into the fascinating history of this quintessential American dish. Who knew the cooking technique traces its history to the ancient Aztecs, or that Hungarian goulash inspired the invention of chili powder?

Fans in every region of the country boast the “one true recipe,” and Robb Walsh recreates them all—60 mouth-watering chilis from easy slow-cooker suppers to stunning braised meat creations. There are beef, venison, pork, lamb, turkey, chicken, and shrimp chilis to choose from—there is even an entire chapter on vegetarian chili. The Chili Cookbook is sure to satisfy all your chili cravings.

Chili is a staple in our house. My daughter is always asking me to make my meaty pinto bean chili, a family recipe from my dad. She is a bit on the picky side, so some of these might not be for her in this book, but most of them are something that my husband and I will enjoy. I might even find one or two in here that she might enjoy, as picky as she is.

There are recipes in here that help you make homemade Chorizo, sauces, tortillas, cornbread, and con queso. With recipes for lobster chili, coney dog chili sauce and even a recipe for venison chili, this cookbook is a must have for everyone who loves chili.

Disclaimer: *I received a copy of this book for free to review, this in no way influenced my review, all opinions are 100% honest and my own.

A three-time James Beard award winner, ROBB WALSH is the author of five previous Texas cookbooks. A former restaurant reviewer for the Houston Press and the Austin Chronicle, Walsh currently co-owns a Tex-Mex restaurant in Houston with chef Bryan Caswell. Walsh is a cofounder and board member of Foodways Texas.  

The mission of Foodways Texas is to preserve, promote, and celebrate the diverse food cultures of Texas. For more information, visit www.foodwaystexas.com.

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