September 22, 2016

Subscription Box Review: #CharmWithMeClub

I caved! I really did. I totally didn't think that I would want this subscription, but then I saw all the cool geekiness and I knew that I needed to have this box!

Charm With Me Club is a monthly charm subscription box. As your starter box, you receive the bracelet of your choice, whether it be a black rope style or the classic silver charm bracelet. Each month they send you at least 2 charms tailored to a specific theme. You can choose to opt out of that theme and get the "Surprise Me" option. Charm With Me is $19.99 per month plus shipping and they do ship internationally.

Here is my September box (my very first box!)

I absolutely LOVED this! The bracelet seems very sturdy, as does the clasp (trust me, I struggled to open it, so I know those charms aren't going anywhere), the beads were just so adorable, I loved the theme too. 


This is a must for anyone's jewelry collection. With reasonable prices and amazing charms, this is just an absolute must! With Christmas coming up this would make a wonderful gift and you can shop their store to buy past items as well.

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Save 10% on your subscription with coupon HELLO10
October theme is Disney Princess


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