January 29, 2014

[News] I'm Moving...

Well, it's that time again. I'm am moving. But don't worry, I'm not moving websites or anything like that. I'm am once again packing up my entire apartment and moving across state lines, back to Louisiana. I haven't moved in 2 years. The last time I did it, it was under horrible circumstances. I had moved from Louisiana back home to Michigan for 2 months after my fiance and I decided to call it quits (or rather he decided to call it quits). I made the trek back down south and moved in with my friend in Mississippi in March of 2012. While here, I had made some great friends (who I will miss very much) and found out who enjoyed using me and stabbing me in the back.

I feel this move will be good for my daughter and myself. We will be closer to her daddy, which it will make it easier on us to get her back and forth. There are also JOBS out there! I have been living in the town I live in with no work for the past 2 years living off of my child support and living with my mom. But when I move, I have a job waiting for me and a house and my ex's family who is willing to help me out. So things are looking up for us finally.

And it will be looking up here on the blog too. I will be hosting more giveaways with my reviews and so much more. So look out for some ARC giveaways to come with my reviews, they will be held for US residents. Also, I do have a donate button on the blog if you would like to donate. All donations go to help fund International giveaways.

The move date for us is set for the weekend just after Valentine's Day. So the blog will be shut down for a maximum of 2 weeks. I will have some automatic posts going up more then likely, but I will not directly post myself unless I'm back from the move.

Happy Reading!
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