May 20, 2014

What's Been Happening With Me

So, as many of you know, I recently moved from Mississippi back to Louisiana. It wasn't my first choice in places, I would have much rather moved back home to Michigan. But for personal and financial reasons, I decided to move back to Louisiana.

We found a great trailer to rent in a decent town, outside the city limits where my daughter can finally have a yard to play in. We also have a great view of the neighbors horses out back.

So far, I have met some pretty great people. Some not so much, haha. I recently acquired a roommate to help out with bills, and I must say, they are simply amazing. Most people would criticize me for having a guy as a roommate, but it's far less drama than living with another female. Plus, I was helping out my mom's boyfriend by providing his nephew with a roof over his head. We have become pretty great friends in the course of a month. And my daughter absolutely loves him. He plays with her and takes her for walks and they find things out in the yard together. He has done so many repairs to my home (that I can't seem to get the landlord to help with).

Here are the pictures of the house just after we moved in back in February.  

These are just some of the pictures. My daughter finally has her own room and LOVES it. I also have a big kitchen (finally) and my own office! (Or rather had until I got a roommate.) And would you look at that tub! I have never had a tub that huge!

That is our front yard, which is pretty big, we don't have much of a backyard, but this makes up for it. And I think our cat, Luna, approves.

 But most of all, Savanna loves it!

And we have had an unexpected and unwanted guest at one point.

An alligator loggerhead turtle. These things will snap your finger clean off if you get too close. They even have spikes on their backs and tails with huge feet just like an alligator! This was my first encounter with one and hope to never see one again.

But we love watching the horses being lazy and lounge around.

And we had our work cut out for us when we first moved in. I had a crap ton of leaves to rake up and move to a fire-pit on the side of the house.

But for now, it's ours and we love it! Now all I have to do is get internet turned on over here instead of going 3 trailers down to my moms to use hers :)  


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