November 17, 2014

4 star review: The Plush Bible NIV by Zondervan

The Plush Bible, NIV
from Zondervan

So, as most of you know, we don't normally talk about religion on here. I for one do not believe in pushing it on people, as a lot of people do. But recently my daughter, who is 5, has started asking about Heaven and Jesus and God, so we decided to get her into church. Just one day a week, to help her understand who and what she is asking about. If she decides to stop going, that is her choice, but I wanted to give her that option. To help her, I decided to get her this awesome looking Bible.

The Plush NIV Bible from Zondervan is soft and fuzzy, sporting an awesome leopard print in pinks and purple. It is standard size and has the word of the Lord printed in red, to help you out. However, the print is small, which is probably standard. It makes it hard with someone with the eyesight of my daughter or even myself to read.

I think this is a great print, and that teenagers and even grown-ups a like, will enjoy the look and feel of it.


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