November 15, 2014

#BlogTour: The Boogie Trapp by Kerry Copeland #PromoPost #BookNerdTour @jeanbooknerd

Welcome to my stop on The Boogie Trapp blog tour! Today I am hosting a guest post, author bio and giveaway!

The Boogie Trapp
by Kerry Copeland
Release: September 10th, 2013

Something happened to two boys over sixty years ago. The backwoods of Alabama in the 1940s set the stage for this edge of your seat thriller. Boogie and Trapper are best friends, known about town for their wild, annoying, obnoxious, and hysterically funny antics. Roaming the woods, swimming in the creek, playing Double Dare, smoking, cussing, drinking beer, and always trying to outdo each other. These two thirteen-year-old boys growing up in this time period have freedoms that would be considered absolutely crazy by today's standards. Riding their bikes on a drizzly April day, goofing off and having fun for hours, looking forward to the boy/girl party they are excitedly anticipating later today, rumors of kissing games and more make them silly and giddy. Then the day goes terribly wrong. They have found themselves in a desperate "no way out" situation. They are thrown into a horrific event that moves faster than a speeding bullet, a wild, white knuckled roller coaster ride, RUN Boogie, RUN, RUN................ A suspenseful, scary thriller, tragically horrific, it is a story that must be told, a promise that must be kept. Their lives will be changed forever - can they get away, and will they ever live to tell the tale?

 Writing Process and his Inspiration to Write

My writing process isn’t something anyone would want to copy.  IN fact , I’m not sure I have a process, not one I consistently follow anyway.  The only thing I’m consist about is being inconsistent.

I’m lazy, so I only write as the mood strikes me.  At times I write everyday, othertimes I go months and never write a word, except my notes. I do make notes as ideas or scenes come to mind.  I make them on whatever paper is at hand, be it my notebook or a gum wrapper, I get the thought on paper As soon as possible.  And yes!  I file them, Nothing fancy; just a plain folder I keep them in, so on those golden days when the words flow free I can insert them into their proper place in my novel.

Writing isn’t easy for me.  I do not type. I know nothing about computers except that those programs that type for you when you talk to them, don’t understand SOUTHERN,  I say ALL, it types OIL.  SO, I write everything longhand with my lavender ink pen, in my “caliber” notebook.  And I write it again and again and again, until I get it right .Utill to quote Elmore Leonard, “ it don’t sound like writing.  Only then am I satisfied.

I hope to get more organized as I work on my next novel.

Kerry Copeland Smith is the pseudonym of Harold (Hal) W. Brewer and also his alter-ego, Brewer will readily confess. “He was there waiting for me when they pulled me from my mother’s womb,” Brewer laughingly says. “Boogie is older, smarter, tougher and more daring, so I have been very fortunate to have had him around all these years.” Brewer, the youngest of four children, grew up in the small coal mining town of Bradford, Alabama, where his father was employed as a coal miner. His mother, a “stay at home mom,” was an accomplished seamstress, an avid reader, and strict disciplinarian, who “kept close tabs on me,” Brewer states. Brewer attended Mortimer Jordan High in Morris, Alabama and the University of Alabama in Birmingham. He was hired by Montgomery Ward Co. in 1964 and spent the next thirty-two years as an executive, in both their Retail and Logistics’ division. After retiring from the retail business in 1996, he formed his own Real Estate Investment Co., which he managed until fully retiring in 2008. “Boogie was there with me every step of the way, Brewer says. When things weren’t right and the going was tough, I called on Boogie and things got straightened out!” Brewer is also an accomplished artist. His paintings hang in numerous homes throughout the south. He currently lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife Tammie and their three cats. He has two sons (from a previous marriage), three grandchildren and one great-grandchild. 

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1 Winner will receive a Copy of The Boogie Trapp by Kerry Copeland Smith. 
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This is the second giveaway. I am offering up my paperback copy of The Boogie Trapp. Giveaway open to US entrants only and will end on November 22nd.

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