January 1, 2015

Happy New Year and 2015 Challenges!

Hey everyone! I hope everyone was safe last night but had a blast! My daughter, fiance and I decided to stay in and play video games and then crash early (I know, we are such party animals!). I've made a few New Year's resolutions for me personally and for the blog. I'm hoping to stick with them this year.


  1. Eat healthier...I recently reviewed a cookbook called Skinnytaste, there was plenty of awesome recipes in there so we are hoping to start cooking up some of that stuff. Plus, I just bought a book to make all natural fruit and vegetable juices/smoothies, so that should help too.
  2. Exercise....I won a raffle at my daughter's school and I got a 1 month membership to the local gym, 3 free yoga lessons and 3 free training sessions with the personal trainer, I hope I can stick with it after all that.
  3. Go on Vacation....I know, it's not much of a resolution, but I haven't been on one in so long, I think it's overdue.
  4. Lastly, this one really isn't a resolution, but it's still exciting to me. I'm getting MARRIED! Yep, we are getting married in April, we plan on packing up a few suitcases and the rugrat and travel from Louisiana to Florida to visit a blogger friend of mine, go to the beach, maybe Universal and then get married! So it looks like I will be getting that vacation after all. A family vacation and honeymoon all in one.
  1. More reviews....I was going pretty strong at the beginning of the year last year and then starting faltering. I felt like I was in a reading slump and I couldn't pull myself out of it. I decided to broaden things and start reviewing more children's books and I added cookbooks into the mix because I love cooking. So look forward to not only Young Adult, Middle Grade and Children's but also Cookbooks this year.
  2. More Meme's....When I first started blogging, my blog was nothing but daily memes and then it started to slowly go towards weekly and then monthly to eventually nothing. I'm hoping to change that this year.
  3. More ARC giveaways....Just like above, I started out strong with ARC giveaways, but then it started to fall by the wayside, hopefully not this year.
  4. More follow-through....I started a bunch of challenges last year but when I went into my reading slump, those eventually went with it. This year I have already signed up for two reading challenges and set my goal for 50 books on Goodreads. So I hope that I can follow-through.
  5. New Look....I'm also hoping to update the look of the blog later this year so that we will look nice, new and sleek.
Now that you know mine, what are yours? Also, I had mentioned challenges. Here is what I signed up for and how you can join....

This one is hosted by Jana @ The Artsy Reader Girl. The purpose of this challenge is to introduce us to new authors and to read 12 or more new authors during 2015. What counts is the book must be the author’s MG/YA/NA 2015 debut. If you aren't sure who is a new debut author, here are some helpful links for you.

Goodreads list of 2015 Debut Author Challenge books.
Google Spreadsheet of 2015 debuts.

Want to sign up? Follow the link here.

Hosted by Jaime and Erin @ Fiction Fare & Swoony Boys Podcast. This is to challenge us to read real physical book copies instead of books on your devices. It's open all year from January 1st to December 31st 2015. On the first of each month there will be a wrap-up post on each blog and giveaways. There is even levels that you can achieve. I'm going for:

31-40 - Real Book Aficionado

They have a mailing list you can join for updates, so click here.
Click here for their Goodreads Group.
And if you want to sign up, click here and join this awesome challenge.


Mimi Zane said...

Good Luck this girl! Your challenges sound like a lot of fun though, I'm sure you will do just fine.

Erin P said...

Thanks girl! I'm looking for a couple more challenges too, so if anyone knows of any cool ones, leave me a comment :)

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