September 25, 2016

Subscription Box Review: September #UppercaseBox

Have you discovered Uppercase Box yet? Well if you haven't discovered Uppercase, it's a Young Adult book subscription box/package that is delivered to your doorstep or PO Box monthly. With two types of subscription plans a month, it makes it easy to pick which best suits you.

Here's a look inside the September box.

While I must confess, due to social media, I was not at all surprised when I opened it this month. I unfortunately am one of those unlucky people that have the joys of having a PO Box and live in a small town so when we get mail and packages on a Saturday, we have to wait until the next postal day to get said packages. Not my idea of fun.

But anyways, back to the review. 

This package I was really excited for. I really want to read The Forgetting, plus I really liked all the cool things with this months package. I really liked the little bag from Out of Print and the Certified Book Addict sticker.

I really enjoyed this months box. I really can't wait to get to read this book either.

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